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Dominos App Review - Cellular Advantage

Domino’s is doing a lot of things right. Great App!

Domino's App makes it easy

I was getting (what is left of) my hair cut the other night when I got a text from one of our kids wanting to know if we could get a pizza delivered for dinner that night. “Sure, what do you want?” I replied. “Domino’s so we can get Parmesan bites.” was his response. Not wanting to be on a phone call while getting my hair cut, I downloaded the Domino’s app to my phone. We already had a Domino’s profile made on our home computer, so I logged in not knowing what to expect from a phone app.  Maybe I’m easily impressed, but this app made enough of an impact on me that I’m writing about it. Specials were right in front of me (one which had the requested Parmesan bites), building the pizza was easy to understand, and then the app started tracking my order. I knew that the order was received, when it was in the oven, when it went out for delivery, what the delivery driver’s name was, and the name of who made the order. They also made leaving feedback about the driver and quality of the order simple enough that I’m guessing a lot of customers provide it. That is the stuff that makes continuous improvement happen.

Congrats Domino’s on a great app! Little things like this make it easy to see why this company has completely turned things around.



Image Credit: http://www.glassdoor.com/