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New Total Plans including Unlimited Data

U.S. Cellular has launched new Total Plans including Unlimited Data. No more line charges, activation fees or overage charges. More streaming in the middle of anywhere!

Pre-Order the new iPhone 8

Jump ahead in line and pre-order the new iPhone 8!

Switch and Get an iPhone 8 for $10 per month!

Switch to US Cellular today and trade in a qualified device to get this iconic deal.

$100 When You Switch

Not only will you be able to connect to our network in the Middle of Anywhere, but you’ll also get $100 when you switch to U.S. Cellular!

Galaxy S8 for $15 per month.

Snag this deal before it’s gone! Discount through monthly credits and in-store card. See store for details.

SE 14th Des Moines U.S. Cellular Store Exterior

Visit your local store for details.

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