West Des Moines – Jordan Creek Mall Store

Lower level across from Scheels

West Des Moines – Jordan Creek Mall


Our Jordan Creek location located in the Jordan Creek Mall in West Des Moines has been around since 2004 and expanded in 2015. No matter which of our employees helps you, you’ll leave happy. We offer incredible customer service and products such as tablets, hotspots, prepaid, postpaid, and home phone service. Our store is located right next to the kids play area and has a big screen TV so you can watch sports. You’re sure to leave satisfied when you’re done shopping at this location. Stop by if you are shopping in West Des Moines or live in Clive, Waukee, or the Des Moines metro area.

The Jordan Creek store donates to Folds of Honor and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

West Des Moines U.S. Cellular Store Interior

Grant Mead

Wireless Consultant
Employee since 2012

Nick Villotti

Vice President of Sales
Employee since 2000

Dylan Gust

Wireless Consultant
Employee since 2018

Demetrius Butler

Wireless Consultant
Employee since 2017

Chuck Richmond

District Manager
Employee since 2001

Steve Halsted

Store Manager
Employee since 2004
U.S. Cellular Sign - Jordan Creek Mall

Store Hours

Monday: 10am to 9pm
Tuesday: 10am to 9pm
Wednesday: 10am to 9pm
Thursday: 10am to 9pm
Friday: 10am to 9pm
Saturday: 10am to 9pm
Sunday: 11am to 6pm


Abby Lovegood - via Google

It was a truly great experience, everyone was super welcoming and I got a free iPhone 8

Terry Hook - via Google

Very bright about his business and extremely cordial in his delivery.

Joslyn Hicks - via Google

Everything was amazing about my experience. He made my experience hassle free and was very informative about all the products.

Taylor Royster - via Google

My wife and I went into the Jordan Creek U.S. Cellular and had hands down the best experience that we've EVER had with any cell phone provider and their staff.

Ruth B. - via email

I just wanted to take the time to let you know what excellent customer service they provide and how impressed I am with the service I receive at this location. All the staff, including the manager, is very friendly and knowledgeable. I have recommended their location to other friends and family members and will continue to do so. If they don't know the answer they will find someone who does while you are there and they don't seem put out by your questions.

Susan U. - via email

I would like to thank you for the excellent service provided to me on Saturday evening at your Jordan Creek store. I needed to find the correct phone and plan for my 12 year old son...and your associate was extremely patient and knowledgeable. We walked away, happy and satisfied with our decision. Please extend my gratitude.

AnneMarie Tate - via Google

All of the representatives in this store were very kind, and I would recommend this store for any problems anyone has with their phones.

Shyanne Nicole - via Google

Upgraded to unlimited everything, and got new phones.....love this location, too!!!

Baylee Hess - via Google

The best customer service we have received at a US Cellular. Very quick service and nice employees.

James Heuer - via Google

Was with Verizon for 12 years, went in to Cellular Advantage. Have been back multiple times for new products.

Bill & Opie P. - via email

My wife had been having a nagging problem, not being able to send or receive photos from her friends who use Android type phones. My phone under the same plan worked perfectly. We went back to the U.S. Cellular Corporate location where we purchased our phones and were told everything on their end was fine, that we needed to contact Apple. After spending hours on the phone with Apple Support they set us up with an Apple Genius at the Jordan Creek Apple location. The Apple Genius spent 45 minutes running diagnostic testing and said it was a U.S. Cellular issue. We left the Apple store and noticed a U.S. Cellular location in the mall, Cellular Advantage. We stopped in and they immediately offered to check our account and see if they could help us out. Right away they noticed a setting on my wife’s account that was blocking data flow. They spent about 30 minutes resolving our issue and thoroughly testing her phone. My wife’s iPhone is now working perfectly, and she is extremely happy to say the least. The purpose of my message is to let you know how happy we are that our story ended well for us, even though we spent many hours working through it. We have remained loyal U.S. Cellular customers for the last 12 years and the service we received from Cellular Advantage encourages us to remain so.

Wanda W. - via email

I am writing to share my experience at your U.S Cellular store. I have been with one and only one cellular company since 1999.  That being U.S. Cellular. I now have an Apple Smart phone. This just about came to a halt as I marched from the Apple store at Jordon Creek down to your store in tears. He knew I was frustrated and ready to let someone have it.  He met me as I walked in the store and smiled and reached out to shake my hand and to introduce himself. He reassured me we could find and answer to my problem. I explained to him my frustrations. He took the bull by the horns, got on the phone and found an answer to the problem and then he personally walked me up to the Apple store and stayed with me and explained to their representative what the problem was and had the answers for them. Well not only did he keep me as a U.S. Cellular customer, I got my phone replaced. I will travel the 33 miles or 35 minutes just to go to here for any of my future cellular needs. I'm sure you realize what a valuable employee have in this young man. He is a real asset to your company.

Jacob Mead - via Google

WOW! Very impressed with the service I received. I was shopping in the mall and seen that they now offer Unlimited Data. The staff was very kind and took time to explain the new plan! They were very knowledgeable! Will be back when its time to upgrade again!

Cindy A. - via email

Our sales guy was patient, helpful and friendly. We applaud his wonderful service. He spent two hours with us to make sure we were comfortable with our purchase and also how to use our new phones.

Doug G. - via email

I wanted to say what a great experience I had at the US Cellular/Cellular Advantage store at Jordan Creek this week. I upgraded my current phone to an iPhone and appreciated their advice and expertise. They were professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Thanks for a great experience!

Chris Parkey - via Google

Made everything easy for us, recommended great accessories and showed us how to use them.

Alex D. - via email

We are brand new to the smart phone world and were wanting to get a feel of what services were offered at what price. When we left the US Cellular store my wife said, "That guy has been the nicest to us and really seems to know his stuff, I think we should go with them." I had been with Sprint for at least 8 years. Anyway, he took the time to explain everything to us, answer our questions, and when we said we still needed to shop around he said "No problem, just come back when you want to go with us." It was no pressure and we found we liked him more than the other guys and liked the US Cellular deal more too. We set up the following Saturday for when we would meet and switch and we did just that. He made the process easy and painless and he did a great job serving us.

Chad & Joan H. - via email

We want to again say "Thank You" to your employee for truly being Santa to our family! The top item on both of our daughter's Christmas lists this year were Smartphones. We were not eligible for a phone upgrade until July and August. We explained this to our girls and they were understanding (but disappointed) and willing to wait until April. However, thanks to "Santa", we didn't have to wait. My whole family are now the proud owners of new iPhones. We couldn't be happier! We have nothing but positives to say about the service extended to us over an extremely busy weekend in West Des Moines. He made us feel like we were the only customers he was helping. A huge thank you! Thanks for making our Christmas a very special one. We will not forget the kindness bestowed to our family. He will forever be known as "Santa" to our girls ages 12 and 15 who thought they just might be too old to believe.

John C. - via email

I have never witnessed such professionalism than during my time at the Jordan Creek location. He was extremely patient and compassionate towards the U.S. Cellular Customer Service rep and myself during the activation of my new phone. He multi-tasked fielding calls from previous customers earlier in the week, in which he recalled both the names of the customers and their personal situation and resolved all problems to their satisfaction. He is a man of high character and integrity. He went above and beyond to ensure my U.S. Cellular experience was a positive one even with the hurdles he has to face at no fault of his own.

Jennifer M. - via email

I was in the Jordan Creek Town Center location on the evening of Thanksgiving. Your associate assisted me in purchasing the new Galaxy S4 and he was phenomenal! I wanted to inform you that I was very impressed with the customer service and the professionalism that I was received with. He above and beyond and I’m so appreciative. He was great to work with and it’s important to me to pay credit where credit is due. He rocked!

Barry M. - via email

I just wanted to write and say what a positive experience we had this past Saturday at the US Cellular store in the Jordan Creek Mall. Originally we went in to ask a question about a text issue on my wife's phone. As he was looking into our issue he noticed we were eligible for phone upgrades. We found with the upgrade options he could give us, it would allow us to save on our monthly bill. We were totally surprised that we could get new phones and even a free tablet with the LG upgrade and still save on the monthly bill. He was extremely helpful and patient with us, answering all our questions, explaining the plans and what phones we could get. We were so happy with the deal we were getting we suggested to our in-laws to come in and see what he could do for them as we were all visiting Des Moines from out of town. They did come into the store and found they, also, could get upgrades and such. He was very nice and knowledgeable in the process. I was amazed how well he handled setting up the phones and working with our limited schedule on the time we had available, as well as our in-laws. We could not have asked for a better representative of your company.

Jennifer L. - via email

Hello. I was in the store at Jordan Creek mall today. The sales rep was really helpful and gave me great tips with my new phone. He really went the extra mile to help me. The other workers and the manager were helpful too, they all made sure I knew if I needed help or had any questions, to please come back and they would assist me.

Missy Clarke - via Google

Wonderful, informative, helpful! Will gladly refer any willing friends and family of ours to this specific location!

Velvet Von Black - via Google

I had the BEST experience in this store. As someone who also works in customer service I know how important it is to the people we help. I was so nervous about changing providers and he calmed my nerves and I left feeling like I had made the best decision ever! I can't thank him enough for his time and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty!!!!

Carter Peterson - via Google

I have been a loyal US Cellular customer for over 18 years now! Always have been satisfied with this service!

Wava C. - via email

I just wanted to let someone know that not once BUT twice Jordan Creek Mall accomplished what others couldn't. Recently I got a new smartphone. I was having problems for several weeks. They made 2 calls and 30 minutes later I had a working phone, internet and all!!  Why could they, once again, do what others couldn't?? Obviously they have a great drive to provide customer service, they have knowledge to think on their own (not just work from cheat sheet)..along with the ability to think out of the box..a getter done attitude. If there is a stumbling block they don't just stare at it..they find a way around. If you have service excellence awards, please use this as my nomination.  Thank you.

Elke G. - via email

I was out of town taking a class in Des Moines and the phone charger I had taken was not working. He was kind enough to let me charge my phone. I happened to mentioned how unhappy I was with my current phone and he took the time to help me get a new phone in a way that worked for my situation. It was a nice experience in a cell phone store...which tends to be unusual these day. Thanks again.

Tim Mount - via Google

They were honest and upfront about everything despite being short handed they were quick and efficient.

Leticia Hansen - via Google

So far the three gentlemen that I have worked with are phenomenal! Thank you for outstanding Customer Service, in a world that is seriously lacking in acceptable Customer Service!!!

Taylor D. - via email

My family has been with US cellular for 15+ years. I would like to say that he was the best sales consultant I have EVER received help from. He was extremely knowledgable with the technology being sold by us cellular. Great with people and made the time go by fast. Excellent employee.