Our Purpose

To enrich the quality of life of our own and our customers, at each interaction.

Who We Are


We’re Cellular Advantage, a company that cares about our customers just as much as we care about our employees. Whether you’re in need of a new U.S. Cellular plan, phone, tablet, or hotspot, you’re in the right place at Cellular Advantage.

With multiple locations in Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri, you can be sure that one of our experienced wireless consultants will take care of all of your U.S. Cellular needs. Our team members take pride in finding the right plan and products to fit your specific needs.

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Meet a Friendly Face

Chris Jurkiewicz

Employee Location: West Des Moines - Valley West Mall

3 Years of Service

Why do you like working here?
It gives me the chance to enrich the lives of people in my community. I get to do this by offering excellent customer service and adding value to their phone plans. I have also been given the opportunity to organize and inspire community involvement with things like food and toy drives.

Learn Your Phone

Struggling to learn your new phone?


Having been in wireless for over 22 years, we know how frustrating a new phone can be, especially if you’re upgrading from a basic phone to a smart phone, or setting up a mobile hotspot for the first time.

You probably have a lot of questions like, how do I setup my email or access voicemail? How do I connect to WiFi or the Bluetooth in my car? How can I maximize battery life and how do I know how much data I’m using?

We’re here to help, offering a level of support that you might say is fanatical. Come in and ask us anything and we’ll walk you through it from start to finish, explaining in terms that you can understand.

We can teach you how to backup your contacts and media, download apps, customize your phone, how to connect your laptop using your phone’s internet connection, how to do a video call, how to take a panoramic photo, how to manage your My Account and much more.

Please give us the opportunity to serve you and the needs of your family or small business.