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Why do we do what we do?


What a word. It can be the “why” we get out of bed each day. It can be something that puts a “spring in our step”. If we are intentional about it, purpose can line up with things we are passionate  about and then the magic can really happen. Days transition from being grinds to being something to look forward to. People can be impacted positively. Back in 2005 when Cellular Advantage as 12 years old, we finally figured out that we needed to formally document our purpose. Why do we do what we do? We tried to think bigger than providing wireless solutions or growing a company, etc….. We landed on something that hopefully makes this world a little better while laying the foundation for a different way of operating a business.

“To enrich the quality of life of our own and our customers at each interaction.”

I can’t remember where this following list came from, but they were great tests we used to see if our purpose statement was real to us.

  1. A purpose will motivate you.
  2. A purpose will keep your priorities straight.
  3. A purpose will develop your potential.
  4. A purpose will give you power to live in the present.
  5. A purpose will help you evaluate you progress

At Cellular Advantage, we asked these questions around our newly crafted purpose statement, “To enrich the quality of life of our own and our customers at each interaction.” The answers were very positive. We do our best to operate our company by this statement. My desire is that your experience in any of our stores is exactly that, an enriching one.

Thanks for taking a look around our new website! Hope to see you soon!


Doug Ecklund, President

Cellular Advantage, Inc.