Simple Switch

We make switching simple, easy and quick.

Simple Switch

Dropping calls?
Poor reception?
Bill higher than it needs to be?
Broken phone and need a new one?
Ready to switch your wireless carrier?
Afraid switching is going to be a total nightmare?

“I’ll just put up with what I’ve got.” is the common response instead of making a much needed change.

Will it be worth it?  What if it’s worse?

The thought of changing carriers is enough to make people cringe. Unfortunately the wireless industry has developed a reputation that isn’t a good one when it comes to being easy to work with.

But here at Cellular Advantage, a U.S. Cellular Authorized Agent since 1993, we’ve made it our mission to change all that.

We make switching simple, easy and quick. If it isn’t, we’ll still deliver exceptional customer service AND pay you $50.00!

Follow these 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1:

Gather these items and come see us!

  • Your current cell phone bill
  • Account owner information
  • Up-to-date valid ID, Passport or Driver’s License
  • Current wireless account PIN number or Password
  • Current phone login and password information if applicable
  • Make sure your phone is charged and with you!

The following items are not required for activation but can help us help you if you have them available during your visit.

  • Phone Unlock PIN or password
  • iCloud and iTunes login info for Apple
  • Google Play and Gmail login info for Android
  • Any other email login and password info

Step 2:

One of our Needs Analysis Experts will use the above items you provided to guide you through our exclusive Electronic Solutions Guide process which allows them to learn what you want from your wireless service. The Electronic Solutions Guide will also allow you to see:

  • which plans and options best fit your needs
  • how much your monthly bill will be
  • (in most cases) what your monthly savings will be

Step 3:

Start the timer!

Once we understand exactly how we can help, we’ll start the timer and have your new U.S. Cellular device(s) activated and able to make an outbound call within 29 minutes GUARANTEED. If we’re unable to activate your device within our time guarantee, we’ll give you $50.

*$50 compensation will come in the form of a check and will be delivered within 4 weeks of activation and is limited to one $50 payment per account.

We can also assist you in getting your old device’s content moved over to your new one!

Every device has a different amount of content to transfer. One device may have a total of 2 Gigs of data, while another one may have over 100 Gigs of data made up of 50 Gigs of music, 20 Gigs of photos, 15 Gigs of videos, 10,000 text messages, etc…. you get the picture. Depending on how much data you have to transfer and the method needed to transfer your data, the transfer time can vary significantly. For that reason, this portion of our service is not included in our 29-minute guarantee.

To make transferring your device’s information a breeze, we recommend the following:

Back up your device to iCloud (Apple) or Google Play (Android).

Apple:  https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203977

Android: https://support.google.com/playedition/answer/2819582?hl=en

This allows your new phone to be restored from your backup so all of your content and settings will be the same as before. Don’t worry if you are changing from Apple to Android or vice versa. Our team can make that happen too.

Remember, no matter what, don’t sweat it!

We are here to help.

If you have questions before you stop in to one of our stores visit www.celladvantage.com/locations/ and call the phone number of the store location nearest you.