Iowa State Fair

Iowa State Fair Offer Details

Come see us at this year’s Iowa State Fair August 11 – 21 for Once-A-Year Only State Fair Specials.
The Cellular Advantage tent is located just inside the Grand Avenue gates next to The Gantry Show – this year’s New Fair Attraction.


50% Off Smartphones

New line customers purchasing a smartphone can get 50% off of the full Retail Installment device cost.  Requires Shared Connect, DP+, Number port in, Retail Installment, and Smartphone Turn-In (including cracked screen smartphones in otherwise working condition). This offer is available at all store location through 8/15/16. And only at the State Fair through 8/21/16.

Unlimited Contract Buyout

Requires New line activation, Retail Installment on any device, Shared Connect, DP+, Number port, Smartphone Turn-In, Submission of bill to Young America micro site. Customers who do not have a Smartphone to turn in can receive a $350 Contract Buyout. Offer available at stores and State Fair.

Waived Device Activation Fee

On new lines, upgrades and Add-A-Lines with a Smartphone. Only available at the Iowa State Fair location.

$0.01 LG G Pad 8.0 2nd Generation

Does not require Smartphone purchase or other qualifiers. Requires purchase of new tablet for $.01, a new line or upgrade on an existing line and Shared Connect (including data only plans). Offer available in stores through 8/5/16 and at the Iowa State Fair through 8/21/16.

1 GB Bonus Date for 12 months

Available for new lines of service with a Smartphone on Retail Installment pricing. Only available at the Iowa State Fair through 8/21/16.

FREE Bluetooth Water-Resistant Speaker:  Requires new Smartphone activation. While Supplies Last. Select model only.